Friday, December 10, 2010


Man! It has been so long since I last wrote, but do not fear for I have much news to bring.
So as you might know (probably not), I had my interview weekend at the YMCA just this last weekend! Since I am not a sadistic person that will make you wait until the end of my rant to find out whether or not I made it in, I will tell you that I did. J Sadly, you do have to wait until the end to find out which country! This way I ensure that my blog is read and that I am not a schizophrenic person talking to myself.
So first off, the weekend began on Friday. It was so nerve wracking that I became very nauseous and had an influx of thoughts of dropping out of the Exchange Program. Since I was already there, and my parents would not let me leave, I decided to stay (and I am so happy that I did!). I was mostly nervous for the game we were going to play, BaFa BaFa. I hadn’t ever played before, but neither had anyone else, so we were in the same boat. It was a very fun game and I made a few friends along the way! At the end of the night, I was still in my bubble, but it had reduced in size incredibly.
It was difficult going to the second day because I was still as nervous as I was on Friday, for a different reason though. On Saturday, our interviews were scheduled and a world fair was going to take place! Oh my goodness! The world fair was great because I was able to meet so many people from so many different countries. Oh and the fact that the guys were hot didn’t hurt either.  The first interview I had went horribly. I felt like I couldn’t answer the questions that they were asking me. When I went back out to meet my parents, I felt that I was going to cry. Then my parents went and had their interview, and when they came back, they told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about and that the people that had interviewed had liked me. The whole time they were there, I was really worried because they took a long time. Finally, it was a group interview, but nothing special happened. We got to choose the countries that we wanted to go to this day, and my choices were The Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany (in that order).
So my final day was approaching, and my nerves were much less now that I knew what to expect. I only had to get through one more set of interviews. While we were waiting for our names to be called, I mingled with the other students and made some pretty awesome friends. The interview team called me and it went fabulously!
Have you been waiting to know where I am going? Well I had to wait five painful hours to find out. However, I am not sadistic. I am going to Germany! I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get The Netherlands, but Germany is just as great. I must begin to learn German as soon as possible!
Haha I am so excited J