Friday, December 30, 2011

German Test

Stress may be one of the most misunderstood emotions that humans harbor, but saying that I realize that human emotion in general is difficult to comprehend. But stress is on my mind at the moment, and trying to dissect the causes and benefits and negative side effects of this complex beast has left me a bit tattered. It’s all ironic actually, the stress that invokes the discussion of stress.

Stress can be so hindering that one can no longer make progress, but the absence of stress can be just as wicked, for then there is no driving force to progress.  The stress that had crawled into my life recently had been the looming German test.

All of this weekend has become a blur in relation to the grand scheme of things: the German test. Yes, we may have gone to a few parties and toured a museum or two, but nothing too interesting. Beer, wine, and cold weren’t too enjoyable for me, when I was determined to conquer. I was also in search for a lifestyle change, in which I wasn’t found to be so annoying or such.

The German test came and passed and so did I. Not only did I pass, but I received a score above the rest. From all those that had already been in Germany for three or four months, I received the best grade, which was a very good antidote for my ego J

Monday, December 5, 2011


Today was one of the many Mondays where I'm dragged to a small room in the basement of the Church to be practically boiled to death. You know what I'm talking about right? Dance class, where 50 sweaty teenagers learn how to move there bodies in sync to each other. To me that sounds like the most beautiful sight, but we haven't yet reached the point to where the bodies actually move together. But I think the sweat and the heavy breathing just add to a totally immense atmosphere.

Just like as America Prom, the German Abschluss Ball is totally formal and set. Thus, I had to scope out a dancing partner for myself. Lucky Micheal Meier got chosen, and today we danced together for the first time. Let me just say that it is a lot different to dance with a boy than it is to dance with a girl. But I was quite pleasantly suprised at how well we seemed to dance together (at least that was my opinion).

All in all (I remember my third grade teacher telling me never to say that), I love dance class. And also found out that I am not that bad of a dancer :) Maybe (and that means surely) I will be contining to dance, even after I am no longer physically able.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deutsch Kino

Tonight I had my first experience with the German movie theater, and let's just say that it was quite enjoyable. While in America I walk into AMC 24 Highlands Ranch and expect to see at least 20 screens, playing all different movies, here I walked into Roxy to find only one screen, playing one movie. But it made me feel like I was kicking it old school while watching Breaking Dawn.

Girl's Night Out

I know that I say this a lot, but last night was one of the best nights I have ever experienced. It just amazes me how much fun I can have with the people I have grown to love in the last three months (can you believe I have been here this long?) I think in the absence of my parents, I have grown unnaturally close to my friends in a quite a quick way, and that excites me greatly for without it, I am not sure that I would be coping so well with homesickness.
Last night I drove to the biggest city near Offenstetten, Regensburg, to a party with Isi. It was the birthday of her auntie, and it was awesome! She has a 14 year-old cousin that has games galore, and for the three hours we were there we lived the lives of Rock stars (Guitar Hero <3)
Isi plays the accordion, and her sister the flute, and in the season of giving they did a show for the local center in Sandharlanden. There, while sitting in a pub, I got to talk to and meet so many great people. It was quite early in the night, so luckily the drunken people were missing from the crowd. After listening to cheery Christmas music and eating, we set out for a girl’s night out on the town with Ali.
The night concluded with a concert and another pub, where I danced and laughed and had such a joyous time. I have really grown to love the people around me hereJ.