Sunday, November 28, 2010

My neverending food coma :(

Thanksgiving is always great, but what happens after Thanksgiving is never great. You all know what I am talking about... a food coma. It seems like this year it has been a lot harder to get over mine, and in the process I am going through severe sugar with drawl so my head is constantly in pain.

Shockingly this whole break (well actually just two days) I have been playing Fable II. I think I am getting really far in it and doing really well. I am kinda afraid to play more because I don't want it to be over! Well, if it does end I shall just play Fable I and III. I am just the type of person to begin playing a game series in the middle. At least my playing the game is not hindered by the fact that I didn't play the preceding games.

In other news, I have to present my I-Search for history tomorrow. It is on Vampires, and I just had to choose the day that Cole was presenting on Jesus. Oh well :D I shall just endure! I also have a math test, but I am not as nervous for that for I understand most of the things that we have been learning.

I can't think of any other news, except that I watched Whip It and had the best dream ever in the whole wide world. Those two things were not connected at all, but just ended up in the same sentence. I might dedicate a whole post to my dream... on second thought, I won't.

So this is Shandre DuToit, signing off!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Decline :(

It has almost been a week since I last wrote, a sign of the decline of my recent obsession. I should not be surprised for this happens with all the things I am obsessed with, even boy obsession saw its end a few months back. But I am still writing am I not?
Anyways, as we speak (well technically only I am speaking) I am watching The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian. It is the second time I have seen this film, for i love it dearly. My mum has yet to see it so I feel like it is my duty to expose her to the magnificence of the movie! My favorite is the blond boy, his name escape my mind. Oh it is Peter! King Peter of Narnia to be exact! I just really like the movie :D
Speaking of movies, I recently saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and that was a magnificent movie also! I really enjoyed it, and I went to the theatre with Lenna and Emily.
Since I have yet to read the books of either series, I decided it was due time that read all of them. I shall start this break, in which I shall also blog quite more often. It is just a bit difficult to blog when I have school - mostly because I rarely experience anything blog worthy during the week.
Toodles to all my non-existent readers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am in the process of increasing my vocabularium...

In taking a break from my seemingly never ending Chemistry homework, I had an urge to blog. I think I might actually be addicted to this, which is a good thing because I have always wanted to keep a continuous blog. I have more news about the Rotary Youth Exchange, but first I need to address another addiction of mine. Fable II. I just started playing it on Friday and now when I go through my day I feel as though I was actually a character in the epic tale. It has a superb storyline which made me realize that I am more a role playing kind of gamer, and Halo 3 doesn't excite me when I play it, it only makes me super aggressive and mad at the world. Fable II has just the right balance between action and story, just like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I am aware that I sound like a super nerd right now, but guess what? I do not care :).
So to my news about the Rotary Youth Exchange - I got a letter telling me about the interview weekend in December. It isn't new news or unknown news, but I am glad to know that my application is in and that things are rolling.
I had other things to talk about like that finals are starting to creep up on me and I am slightly scared, and that my day was pretty good overall. I must depart though, for even though I am reluctant to do it, my Chemistry homework must be completed...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why I am here...

So the question that I always have when I begin to read someones blog is why they created in the first place. Bringing me to the main point of this post, I created this blog for several reason, but the main reason is that I wish to create a blog I can continue when and if I get to study abroad next year. It will be super awesome if I have accounts of everything I do so that when I look back at it I will remember the good memories. Since my voyage of the Youth Exchange Program application process is already underway, I must revert to a few weeks ago. November the 6th to be exact is when I had my first interview with Mr. Neil DiLorenzo. I felt pretty good about it and he said that I had a good chance of being accepted. I haven't gotten too excited yet for if I end up not being chosen to go I don't want to be more disappointed by high expectations. Damn I am really beginning to sound like my Buddhist mother! Anyways whenever I tell people about my plans to go study abroad their first question is where I am going. I do not have a clue where I am going, nor do I have a strong preference. I will take whatever I can get! Scotland would be fantastic though for they accents that just roll of the tongue and melt in my heart. Sadly, Scotland isn't on the list of places I could go. Oh well, Germany or Switzerland or The Netherlands or ANYWHERE would be the best thing ever.
So the question I have been asked numerous amounts of times during the applications and interviews is what I want to do with my life. World Peace :) as cliche as that sounds. I plan to be a full time Philanthropist, even though it means that wealth won't find me often through life. I want to go around the world helping people with whatever they need, education, health, or just someone to talk to. That is why the Maasai School Project and Interact Club are so important to me. I think it was meant to be that I become a Philanthropist because it was by chance that I stumbled in the Interact Club. The Toy Drive and the Candy Cane Grams are going to be so fun to do, and they have presented themselves to be utterly entertaining since I began to work on them.
No other news concerning that, so I shall depart and hopefully do something more productive than what my weekend has consisted of thus far.


I thought a bit of a welcome was in order, and a new and fresh beginning to my blog called for a welcoming post. I am aware that the chances of this blog being read by the numerous eyes out there on the Internet are slim, but this is a far better alternative than sitting in my room brooding over the thoughts that I keep inside. Of course, no deep, dark secrets will be revealed here because I don't have any. Though I wish this could be longer, it happens to be past midnight and I am quite fatigued. This concludes my non-humorous a undoubtedly boring welcome post. Tune in for humorous, witty, and unbelievably entertaining news of the non humorous, non witty, and unbelievably dull Shandre.