Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zell am See

Throughout the course of my exchange a thought has entered my mind: exchange to ones host country does not only entail the extravagant adventures that are to take place there, but also the great distances that exchange students float through. My original expectations of my exchange year to Germany had my mind in far and deep crevices, but they never ventured past the borders of Deutschland. But alas I can now be dubbed a seasoned traveler (or at least more seasoned that previously conceived).

Inter-country travel is simply an easier task to accomplish in Europe than in America. In a way I feel that the countries of Europe more relate the states of America than the countries of North America, but without all the complexities of economic and governmental differences.

My latest European destination is Austria – taken there by the kind hands of my Rotary club for a weekend of snow and skiing. The only problem is that I am not quite adequate in skiing and have too many brain cells filled with fear to fully take on the goal to become a good skier. But nonetheless I had a great time next to the lake with my book and sleeping in the luxurious rooms that were set out for me.

Zell am See – where you can escape the petty worries of everyday tasks and just relax lakeside and go for a walk with the breeze lightly caressing your cheek. Even the words inscribed in the book that weighs your hands down seem brighter and the images seem to spring out of the pages and dance on the glistening water. The sunlight cascades gracefully below only to be warded off by the massive trees overhanging the lush grass. The air is scented with a delectable smell of pure nature and is punctuated by the sounds of birds and the laughs of small children.

Its no wonder that I wouldn’t mind returning J

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