Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Koesler's :)

As of the second Christmas day I have been experiencing a different German setting. Yes, I had packed my bags (not an easy task, I assure you) and lugged my life to Regensburg. There I was welcomed with open arms by my new host family, which was coincidently also the family of my counselor.

The Maluche’s gave me a life in which I experienced the greatness (and sometimes the pure annoyance) of two brothers, all around the same age, which was an added benefit. But these last two weeks I have been in a family structure that is the complete opposite. I became the older sister to two younger girls (aged twelve and eight). It really brought back the memories of when I was a youngin’. And also, no matter how I hate to admit it, I realized that the things that used to annoy my mother about the eight year old me (that I promised myself that would never annoy me) – annoy me.

But truthfully I have had quite a great time here, channeling my inner youth. Whether it’s reading stories about princesses and princes (which I think I enjoy way too much) or playing the Wii or crawling around on the floor in a battle against good and evil – I have proven that a small part of someone never really becomes adult. And I hope that mine never diminishes, because to be so young again, even for only two weeks, makes life a little easier. It shows that not everything should be taken so seriously, life is a gift that should be enjoyed.

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